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Doctrinal Decisions

Just because a majority subscribes to a particular position does not necessarily make it true and just because a minority holds a certain view does not necessarily make it false.

A Christian can avoid much confusion if he or she will just stay within the confine of the Word of God.

When we  discover that something held by Christianity is not taught in the Bible, but is the production of man’s ingenuity; all kinds of red flags should start to wave. It is dangerous to build a doctrine on a part and not on the whole and it is to be feared that too many of our generation are accepting things just because others tell them. We must not hold onto traditions and customs, but we must allow the Bible to reveal God’s Standard.

DOCTRINAL DECISIONS takes a look at several key doctrinal areas and as you read this book you will be introduced to a plain thus saith the Scripture in regard to these issues.

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