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Attitude Adjustment

It has been noted that our lives are possibly determined as follows: 10% in relation to what happens to us, and 90% in relation to our attitude about what happens to us.  

As a generation that is awaiting the return of Christ for His people, we must determine with mind and heart – intellect and emotions, to conduct our Father’s business in the realm of Biblical Attitudes. We must not interpret people or occurrences with only a mental response and neither must we interpret with only an emotional response. 

We will never be able to effectively minister unto the attitudes of others until we first have been taught by Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to transform our minds and hearts with the “ATTITUDES” of what and how we can “BE.” 

A wise elderly minister shared valuable counsel with some of us younger ministers at a pastor seminar:  “Let the mind and heart of the Master be the master of your mind and heart.”  

In this book, you will be challenged and encouraged to purpose, with mind and with heart, to not only follow Jesus to the mountain and there thrill to His authoritative sayings (Matthew 7:28,29); but also determine to follow when He leads us “down from the mountain” (Matthew 8:1) to where the leper and centurion await to hear our attitude expressed and see our attitude displayed.

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