Message Of Hope Ministries

hope through the written and spoken word


Message Of Hope Ministries does not charge a fee for Revival Series ... this is a faith ministry. If a fee were charged, some small churches would not be able to afford a Revival Series; and so I am always thankful and appreciative when individuals sense the worthiness of this ministry and partner to assist in sharing a "message of hope," because contributions greatly assist this ministry to insure that no church, regardless of size, is denied an opportunity to experience a season of Revival Emphasis. If you are led by God's Spirit to make a contribution, please know that it will be welcomed and used for the honor of His work.

OR Send a check to:

Message Of Hope Ministries

P.O. Box 722

Athens, AL 35612

Partnership In Message Of Hope Ministries

M ention the Revival Ministry each day in intercessory prayer.

O ffer to tell others about the Revival Ministry (fellow church members, pastors, administrators).

H elp support the Revival Ministry financially as God’s Spirit impresses.