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Growing Older Without Getting Old

This book is about life, and a part of life is accepting the fact of aging to be ingrained within the process of living. The time that is spent in living is an investment. We can choose to make this investment with growling and complaints or we can choose to make it with grins and compliments. Regardless of which path we choose to travel, of this we can be certain – Time Is Never Regained.

Because time cannot be expanded, accumulated, or retarded, how we face aging is of the utmost importance. I often tell others that there is one word I refuse to use concerning myself – old. I have determined that I will get older (there is nothing I can do about that), but I will not allow myself to get old. I honestly believe that age is an attitude of the mind and a condition of the body and we can Grow Older Without Getting Old.

I know people in their 80’s who have the outlook and vitality of a 20-year-old, but I also know people in their 20’s who act as though they are in their 80’s. Oliver Wendell Holmes expressed my sentiment with this reported observation: “To be seventy years young is far more cheerful and hopeful than to be forty years old.”

Living is somewhat like picking berries off a thorny bush – we must learn how to deal with difficulties while, at the same time, not abandoning a hunger to taste the delicious fruit.

The time of past minutes cannot be altered, but the future is still in our power to influence. Today is indeed the first day of the rest of our lives and we can determine to Grow Older Without Getting Old.

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