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Recommendations From Church Leaders

* Cary Fry [ Pastor, Mississippi ]: "Pastor Dan Jarrard has just finished a series of Revival Meetings and we have been blessed. Each evening the numbers attending grew. Both members of our church and non-members had positive responses. It was very refreshing to have Pastor Jarrard speak simply from the Word of God, but with the attending power of the Holy Spirit. What I loved most is that by the end of the meetings people wanted to linger at church. There was no rush to leave, but true Christian fellowship and love were being expressed by our members. I highly recommend Pastor Dan Jarrard to your church."

* Peter S. Trzinski [ Ministerial/Evangelism Director, Gulf States Conference ]: "Dan Jarrard will come to your church and it may never be the same. His style appeals to many different people, but all the praise and honor goes to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I would heartily recommend Pastor Dan to bring your church to the place the Lord has for you. He will challenge you and your flock in a loving way through the Bible and his real life illustrations. God uses this man to bring about revival and I would have him in any of my pulpits at any time." 

* Haskell Williams [ Ministerial Director, Carolina Conference ]: “Dan Jarrard is a ‘minister of Hope,’ spreading the joy of Jesus wherever he is invited to serve.  As a recipient of God’s grace, he spreads it freely.   After serving as a Gospel minister in several states, he help launch a church near the family roots in Carolina that has become a haven of love and service.   He nurtured and trained leaders to be a light for that community that continues to shine brightly.   Once again on the road, Dan exalts Jesus in seminars and revivals across the country.  Let me recommend that you invite him to conduct a revival in your church.”

* Larry Boggess [ President, Mountain View Conference ]: “To Whom It May Concern. This year the Mountain View Conference hosted the Message of Hope Ministries speaker, Elder Dan Jarrard. He spoke in our local churches and also was one of our main camp meeting speakers in the adult auditorium.  He also was a hit with the youth division. He was well accepted in both settings and the positive spiritual impact on the spiritual journey of his listeners is still evident. I would recommend that if you can schedule Elder Jarrard to come to your church, camp meeting, or other spiritual menu, do so, for you, your church family and listeners will be greatly blessed.”

* Larry C. Engel [ President, Adventist Retired Workers Fellowship, Collegedale, Tennessee]: “I have known Dan Jarrard since 1982. I treasure my friendship with him highly. He is a man of integrity, zeal, insight and a true disciple who goes where the Holy Spirit leads him. Finally, you may trust his Biblical expositions to always ring true.”

* James Volpe [ Pastor, West Virginia ]: “I highly recommend "Message Of Hope Revival Ministries" to anyone and to all. Brother Dan has been to our area each of the past three years. We have had several baptisms and it has helped our people grow in the Lord. We are looking forward to having him back early next year as we prepare for our evangelism meetings in the spring.”

* Dr. Imanuel Morenings, D.C … Morenings Chiropractic [ Elder, Bristol, Tennessee]: “Your ministry to our church family has been remarkable over the past 25 years, since that first time you came with the Message of Hope. Your messages challenged us while re-assuring us that God loves us. The message was so relevant 25 years ago and as you returned last year, I realized how critical it is for God’s people to hear this simple, yet profound message. He chose you to bring this message to His church and restore Hope and Passion in His End Time People.  I pray that you will find listening ears and receptive hearts as you continue this critical ministry.”

* Dr. Rene Quispe [ President, Total Renewal ]: “With great joy I recommend to you, my friend and brother Dr. Dan Jarrard. He is a passionate, spirit filled revivalist, who when very young received the call to serve our Lord and faithfully disciple souls for His Kingdom. Your Community of Faith will be greatly blessed by his experience, his Bible centered teachings, and the powerful moving of the Holy Spirit.”

* Marion Miller [ Pastor, South Dakota ]: “Our churches were greatly blessed by God through the ministry of Elder Dan Jarrard and his messages of hope and encouragement. Elder Jarrard presented messages that were Christ-centered and which beckoned us to walk closer with our Lord. I would highly recommend any of his seminar presentations to the brethren.”

* Dr. David Farmer [ Pastor, Louisiana ]: “Pastor Dan is a very kind, professional Christian man. He helps all he comes in contact with in seeing the need of having Jesus in your life and being ready for the soon return of our Lord and Savior. I highly recommend his ministry!”

* Ben Rueda [ Pastor, South Carolina ]: “Pastor Dan's series was a great blessing for our church. I will highly recommend this revival series to anyone who wants to motivate and inspire their congregation.”

* Leslie Louis [ President, Carolina Conference ]: "Just a brief note to endorse my dear brother Dan Jarrard as a deeply committed Seventh-day Adventist minister. Although retired, he has continued to use this enthusiasm and vibrant service for the Lord by hosting revival meetings in a number of church locations both in and out of our conference. His valued leadership for the church plant in Clayton, NC has resulted in the establishment of a thriving lay-led church there. It is with a sense of heartfelt appreciation for his ministry in Carolina that I want to extend my personal endorsement for this man of God and his lovely wife who have truly been a special blessing to God's work in the Carolinas."

* Tom Martin [ Elder, Athens, Texas ]: "Pastor Dan held a week long revival series at our Athens, Texas church. We were wonderfully blessed at his messages and we look forward to having him back for another series on relationships. Our members all want copies of the videos of the nightly meetings and the members that couldn't attend wish they would have. Dan's dynamic personality and relevant topics are a winning combination."

* Laurie DeWitt [ Pastor, Arkansas ]: "Brother Dan has held seminars for my churches 4 times, and is scheduled to be in my churches again next year.  The message is solid, and the people respond."