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Revival Series Information

What Is Revival?

Ø  Revive: From Latin roots "re" à again; "vivere" à to live = "to live again"

Ø  Revival Synonyms: improvement, rallying, betterment

Ø  A series of meeting for the purpose of effecting a religious awakening


Benefits Of A Revival Series

Ø  Individual and corporate spiritual renewal to prepare for the Return of our Redeemer.

Ø  Afford family, friends, and the community an opportunity to be introduced to the practicalities of living in a loving relationship with Christ and one another.

Ø  In advance of an Evangelistic Series to prepare the local church to be an entity that is equipped and ready to receive new members.

Ø  Inspire church members to be actively involved in the ministry of ongoing evangelism that is two-fold.

·         Soul-Keeping

·         Soul-Winning


This Revival Ministry Is A Faith Ministry and does not set a fee, since this could prevent smaller congregations from hosting a Series, but the local church is expected to:

Ø  Cover travel expenses 

Ø  Provide place to stay (either in a motel or someone's home)

Ø  Provide meals or per diem

Ø  Receive a love offering at each meeting. These offerings are not to be applied to the expense areas listed above, but are in addition to the church guaranteeing the expense areas listed above.

Ø  Provide at least one round of golf (teasing, but will not be refused if offered)


Length Of Revival Series: Sabbath morning through Wednesday evening (6 sessions)